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What I have been doing lately

Well… This is my first post written from my iPad. I have been a little dissapeared from the blog lately. The last three months have been crazy: I had to go to an european meeting in Sweden (which means, exactly, to fly from the other end of the world), then back to help in the development of an international course on regeneration, then going to another international meeting, in Chile this time, then back to the lab to planning new experiments and discuss ideas with my PI, adding the comments of other researchers gathered in the two meetings, and writing some stuff for an advocacy project and also writing some post for the outstanding The Node.

After all this work, I am tired. Obviously. It is hard when you don’t see a reward for your efforts. Only a few comments in my posts regarding the “Paper versus Mendeley” battle keep this blog alive; I am pretty sure that, if I send to the trash those posts, the visits will drop to zero. I am also thinking that the advocacy project will fail, mainly becausethe lack of energy of chilean scientists to fight to change the awful scenario for science funding amd science policy. I like to write, but writing without knowing if someone is reading your work is just dissapointing. I have to manage todo all these things in a pretty much demanding lab (my PI has great expectations in his graduate students, and he also likes having his students 24/7 in the lab), and also I have a family life, and doing this stuff implies less time with them. So, I decided to leave the blog unattended for some weeks.

For those of you following the “Papers versus Mendeley” issue, I have news indeed: I wrote about Mendeley for iPad. I could not keep using Mendeley: it crashes, it is slow, downloading one paper at the time from my online account and many other little details pushed me to test Papers for iPad. And it really rocks! I will not make a review of Papers for iPad. Just use it. I believe that the iPad is one of the best news for scientists. To date, I am saving paper because I read papers only on the iPad; I give presentations with the iPad, and many other things too. The only feature missing in iPad (that makes me to not saying that the iPad is perfect for scientists) is the ability to incorporate error bars in charts.

Anyway, I need to sleep now. Best regards.

Swine Flu, Update

First of all, thanks to the team and people of Nature Blogs for accept my blog in their list!

Second… Being a Grad Student, usually I have little time to dedicate to post something really interesting and good-quality content. Today, it’s one of these days (the workbench took all of my day… and now I am getting ready to sleep). But I wanted to recommend these links about the Swine Flu on Nature and Science.

First, an interview from ScienceInsider with Ruben Donis, chief of the molecular virology and vaccines branch at the CDC. I tried to investigate about the genetics of the virus, but it seems that I have to wait to see a paper in a Journal. Anyway, Donis talks in the interview about some interesting features of the virus, and about the history of the Swine Flu. Also check the special from Science here.

Second, the special from Nature is also interesting. By the way… this blogger lives in Chile. Sometimes, here we hear things like “we are so far from everything… we are isolated and safe”. But in the news I watched about the first confirmed case in Peru, next to us. Chile has been very efficient so far in the preparation for the disease and the checking of the tourists and travellers in the International Airport. By now, there are about 42 cases in our country; 16 of them have been ruled out; 26 are being studied, and several of them are people who travelled to Mexico or USA. I guess the meetings and courses around there will suffer by now.

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